This Dad Has Mastered The Art Of Tweeting About Parenting

Sometimes, the funniest (and most frustrating) parts of parenting can be summed up in less than 140 characters. Just ask Robert Knop.

Knop, known as @FatherWithTwins on Twitter, gives his more than 16,000 followers a glimpse of his life as a dad with a series of hilarious tweets. Taking comedic inspiration from his twins over the last few years, Knop has rounded up the many sides of being a parent including listening to the silly demands of children and handling the chaotic event known as mornings with kids.

Here are 30 funny tweets about parenting from Knop.

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New Orleans Principal Fired After Video Captures Him Wearing Nazi-Associated Rings

A charter school principal in New Orleans has lost his job after video surfaced of him appearing to wear Nazi-associated rings.

The video, which appeared Thursday, shows then-Principal Nicholas Dean of Crescent Leadership Academy holding an American flag and a shield as he discusses talking to six journalists who ?appeared to me completely soulless.?

Dean, who identifies himself in the video as Nick Andrews, is also seen wearing a helmet, goggles, and two rings closely associated with Nazism. One appears to be of the German Iron Cross and another a skull ring that was awarded to leading members of the Nazi party, according to the local Times-Picayune. 

?If foreigners come here with Marxist ideas and Marxist tactics … it?s my duty to be here,? Dean can be heard saying in the video.

Crescent Leadership Academy said Dean was terminated Thursday.

?Educators are role models, and they should prioritize this sacred role above all else,? Superintendent Kunjan Narechania said in a statement. ?While the circumstances surrounding this decision are regrettable and damaging, I appreciate the board making a swift decision so that school can move forward and so that our community can continue to heal.? 

Dean?s firing came as he was already being investigated after photos emerged of the principal standing next to a Confederate flag and a statue of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee prior to its removal earlier this month.

?I didn?t go to protest for either side,? Dean told the Times-Picayune at the time. ?I went because I am a historian, educator and New Orleans resident who wanted to observe this monumental event,? he said. ?People who know me know that I am a crusader for children and I fight tirelessly on their behalf.?

But an investigation by the Times-Picayune also turned up a podcast that Dean was featured on ? under the alias Nick Andrews ? where he discusses his work in predominately black schools.

?I started seeing how the black community looked at each other and how race and tribe is so powerful for them, and I really respected that,? Dean says in the podcast. ?Even though they fight a lot, kind of tribally, there?s a sense of unity among blacks that?s just understood. That was when I began my own kind of identity, if you will, quest.? 

In the podcast, Dean refers to Take ?Em Down NOLA ? a group that has advocated for removing Confederate monuments ? as a ?black supremacy movement.? 

Dean says in the podcast that he is not a white supremacist, but that by other people?s definition of one, he ?most certainly? is. He adds that going to graduate school with ?radical leftists? changed his worldview.

?If these people get their way, I don?t exist,? Dean says.

New Orleans has recently made a massive push to remove Confederate monuments in the city. After Robert E. Lee?s statue was taken down, Mayor Mitch Landrieu made an impassioned speech celebrating the removal.

?These statues are not just stone and metal,? Landrieu told a crowd at Gallier Hall. ?They are not just innocent remembrances of a benign history. These monuments purposefully celebrate a fictional, sanitized Confederacy, ignoring the death, ignoring the enslavement and the terror that it actually stood for.?

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Two Orange County DA Investigators Emerge As Whistleblowers Amid Jail Snitch Scandal

LOS ANGELES ? Two investigators with the beleaguered Orange County District Attorney?s Office, which faces three investigations over its prosecutors? alleged misuse of jail informants, have accused multiple senior OCDA staff members of covering up evidence in separate cases. When the two investigators flagged evidence from their own investigations to staff, the pair claim they were met with punishment for merely doing their jobs.  

OCDA investigators Tom Conklin and Abraham Santos each filed separate claims with the county?s Board of Supervisors on Friday, arguing that they have been subjected to mistreatment by various OCDA staff and that their careers have been damaged in the process.

The investigators? make extensive and deeply troubling allegations against members of their own investigative unit and several OCDA prosecutors ? some of whom are linked to the ongoing jail informant scandal. It?s the latest in a series of allegations of misconduct against the embattled district attorney?s office, which along with the Orange County Sheriff?s Department has been embroiled in the sprawling snitch scandal for more than three years.

At the center of the scandal is the misuse of a sophisticated informant program ? operated by sheriff?s deputies and utilized by prosecutors to secure convictions ? that has allegedly violated the civil rights of numerous defendants and led to the unraveling of more than a dozen murder cases in the county. New hearings linked to the scandal began just this week.

The complaints filed by Conklin and Santos are a prerequisite for filing a lawsuit against public entities, their lawyer, Joel Baruch said in a statement. Baruch also said that both Conklin and Santos are ?whistleblowers in the strictest sense? and that they have put their law enforcement careers in jeopardy by ?ensuring that the Orange County District Attorney?s Office follows the law in protecting the constitutional and statutory rights of all of us.?

Here?s the alarming claims made by the DA?s investigators:

Prosecutors allegedly covered up evidence in the Stephenson Choi Kim murder case.

In 2004, Stephenson Choi Kim, along with several other suspects, were charged in a shooting at a cafe in Cypress, California. Seven years later, Choi Kim would be found guilty of all charges, including one count of murder and multiple other counts including premeditated attempted murder and street terrorism. In 2012, Superior Court Judge John Conley sentenced Choi Kim to life without the possibility of parole, plus 255 years in prison.

But that conviction and sentencing would turn out to be built on the back of cheating. During the Choi Kim trial, Susan White, an ex-investigator with the Cypress Police Department, testified that she had interviewed multiple eyewitnesses to the shooting and that those witnesses all identified Choi Kim, and others, as being present at the cafe when the killing occurred. However, those same eyewitnesses would go on to testify in the trial that they had not in fact identified Choi Kim as the killer. 

While then-Deputy District Attorney Cameron Talley, who has since retired, did not call White to the stand to testify about her false testimony, the defense did. White was then forced to admit that her police reports were false and that eyewitnesses she claimed to have positively identified Choi Kim had not done so. The defense asked Judge Conley to declare a mistrial, claiming that White had committed perjury.  

Despite this obvious misconduct, Judge Conley denied the mistrial motion and ruled that White had not lied under oath, but instead had simply conducted a sloppy investigation and written inaccurate police reports.

When the trial ended, the defense wrote a letter to OCDA declaring that White had committed perjury at the trial, had written false police reports and had also forged pretrial lineup identification. That?s when OCDA asked Investigator Conklin to review the allegations.

In 2011, just three months after Choi Kim?s trial ended, Conklin completed his investigation into the matter and determined that Choi Kim?s defense attorneys were correct ? White had participated in the tainting of evidence, falsely manufactured her police reports and had committed perjury on the witness stand. But when he informed prosecutor Talley of his findings, Conklin says the prosecutor told him ?it would be preferable if you said your investigation was not completed until after the date of the sentencing.?

In other words, the complaint reads, Talley ?did not want to advise? Choi Kim?s defense attorneys about Conklin?s findings ?since he was concerned that it might result in a new trial? for Choi Kim. Conklin says Talley would never go on to inform Choi Kim?s lawyers about his findings.  

In June 2011, Conklin says his investigation was given to another prosecutor, Deputy District Attorney Aleta Bryant, to review what, if any, criminal charges would be brought against White. Conklin says that around this same time prosecutor Talley was given a disk containing Conklin?s entire investigative materials in the White matter, including an interview he conducted with White, all audio recordings and transcripts of the eyewitness? pretrial statements.

However, about two weeks later, Conklin was told that OCDA had never received recorded pretrial interviews with two of the witnesses that Conklin had collected himself and which were contained on the disk he turned over to Talley. The day after Conklin received this notification, Bryant indicated that White would not be prosecuted for her alleged crimes.

Then, that same day, Conklin says that Deputy District Attorney Talley yelled at him, saying he was a ?de facto investigator for the defense and doing the defense?s dirty work.? He added that the prosecutor essentially asked him to lie, allegedly saying to him, ?why didn?t you stop your investigation once you located the new recordings? and ?why didn?t you wait until after the sentencing ? now I have to disclose suspect descriptions to the defense.?

Mysteriously, Conklin says that then-Deputy DA Dan Wagner told his boss in July 2011 that he wanted to meet with Conklin about his investigation into the White crimes. But, after emailing Wagner about his own availability, Conklin says he never heard back from the prosecutor.

And for the next four years, Conklin says he had no further conversations with any of the homicide prosecutors or OCDA management about his White investigation. He also assumed that his completed investigation materials and records were shared with Choi Kim?s defense team, which OCDA is legally required to do. 

But in 2015, Conklin saw an article in the local O.C. Weekly newspaper stating that Choi Kim had filed for an appeal for a new trial. Since the article made no mention of his investigation, Conklin says he became suspicious that OCDA had not turned over the contents of his investigation to Choi Kim?s lawyers. He also says that he thought the timing of the lack of disclosure was suspect because by 2015 the jailhouse informant scandal in the county had exploded and OCDA was facing tremendous scrutiny for their role in it. This alarmed Conklin further, he says, because Wagner was the prosecutor in the Scott Dekraai mass-murder case, which remains at the center of the scandal due to allegations that a snitch was illegally planted next to Dekraai in jail to glean incriminating evidence from him.

Conklin says he he came to the conclusion that ?the highest levels of management? at OCDA had not ever shared his White investigation with the Choi Kim defense, so he contacted Choi Kim?s defense attorney Michael Chaney.

Chaney told Conklin, according to the complaint, that he was not familiar with Conklin?s name, any investigation he had conducted into White and that the OCDA office had in its possession numerous pieces of evidence from the White investigation. Conklin says he would go on to meet with Chaney and provided him with the ?narrative and timeline? from his White investigation.

Having been caught violating a defendant?s rights by not turning over evidence, Conklin alleges that the OCDA, through Wagner, at some point in 2016, concocted a scheme to cover up their misdeeds and attempted to shift blame onto Choi Kim?s defense team.

Wagner informed the defense in 2016 letter that there was a set of materials that had never been picked up by them. But then, according to the complaint, Wagner allegedly included within those materials Conklin?s internal investigation, which had never before been turned over. Conklin believes that this was intended to give the defense the impression that it was their negligence that caused them to never have the investigation materials.

Investigators claim they were pulled from a second case due to their whistleblowing.

Like Conklin, investigator Santos claims he too has been subject to unfair discipline and harassment while working at OCDA, also due to whistleblowing on an investigation he was assigned by the agency into a car accident that former Fullerton City Manager Joe Felz was involved in.

In the early hours of election night November 2016, Felz crashed his vehicle into a tree in a residential neighborhood. When Fullerton police arrived on the scene, Felz, according to Santos? complaint, was slurring his words and told the officer, ?I?m a City Manager,? and ?call Danny Hughes? ? who, at the time of the crash, was the Chief of Police for the Fullerton Police Department. Santos says that the patrol officer called the chief who dispatched one of his sergeants, Jeff Corbett, to go to the scene of the accident and drive Felz home. Felz was not arrested that night and it wouldn?t be until March 2017 that he?d be charged with a DUI for the crash.

Santos alleges that it was no accident that Corbett was called to help with preferential treatment of Felz. ?Sometime before [the Felz crash] Sergeant Corbett, who supervised the narcotics unit at FPD, was found by a Fullerton PD officer having sexual relations in his police vehicle while on duty behind a local business,? according to the complaint. Corbett was not arrested for the act, Santos says, and that instead Corbett told his fellow narcotics division officers that they should say he was involved in work-related surveillance. Santos then claims Chief Hughes did Corbett a favor and covered up that misconduct so, come the night of Felz accident, Corbett was willing to do his chief a favor back.

Upon investigating the incident, Santos says he discovered evidence that led him to conclude that Chief Hughes had criminally obstructed justice. So in January of this year, the investigator informed Assistant District Attorney Ebrahim Baytieh that he was concerned about the case because of the DUI and what appeared to be a cover-up.

But according to Santos? complaint, Baytieh ? a county prosecutor who has been at the forefront of his office?s response to the ongoing jail informant scandal and who has been accused of misconduct himself over informant use ? told Santos that ?I am friends with Chief Hughes and we are only going to be investigating the DUI and not anything else.?

The investigator then says that Baytieh threatened to take him off the investigation. And the following month, Santos claims his supervisor took the Felz investigation away from him completely.

Both investigators claim that they have now been subject to internal discipline, and even have had management falsely document wrongdoing in their personnel records, directly due to their whistleblowing. They claim that the punishment is ongoing and that as recently as February the pair were formally taken off of another investigation they had partnered on.

Additionally, Santos claims he?s also been the target of false rumors in the office that he was having an affair with one of his investigation assistants. Santos says his sexual harassment complaint linked to that incident was never appropriately addressed nor investigated by OCDA. 

?The OCDA learned of the two complaints from the media this morning,? Michelle Van Der Linden, OCDA spokeswoman, told HuffPost. ?Both claims are personnel matters involving litigation and as such, we are unable to discuss or provide additional information at this time.?

Fullerton Police Chief David Hinig told HuffPost that ?this matter pertains to the actions of members of the Orange County District Attorney?s Office. Any reference to employees of Fullerton, former or current, constitute personnel matters and we cannot comment further.?

This story has been updated with comments from Fullerton Chief of Police David Hinig.

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The Funniest Tweets From Parents This Week

Kids may say the darndest things, but parents tweet about them in the funniest ways. So each week, we round up the most hilarious 140-character quips from moms and dads to spread the joy. Scroll down to read the latest batch and follow @HuffPostParents on Twitter for more!

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Watching wrestling is far most the most entertaining part of my brother’s childhood WWE. He spends most part trying to copy what he saw the wrestlers do. Our lice removal salons in Columbus, Dayton and Cincinnati have experts who remove head lice and eggs with 100% effectiveness.. Its not his fault, i heard that our dad also used to do the same sometimes back during his time. We have some family videos of him wrestling a tree in the store room downstairs

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When Celebrities Do The Weather, It’s Breezy With A Chance Of Hilarity

Going on a news show to promote a new project is a normal part of a celebrity?s life.

Usually, these appearances just involve the anchors asking the standard questions about the famous person?s latest project.

Sometimes, though, the famous folk get asked to do the weather ? and that?s when the craziness really begins.

The video above shows what happens when people like Katy Perry, Ellen DeGeneres and Steve Carell step out of their comfort zone and do the weather. 

Kevin Hart shows one weather woman the importance of doing squats.

Tom Hanks seems more interested in dancing with the weather woman than talking about storm fronts.

Katy Perry isn?t quite able to master looking at the weather map and the camera at the same time.

Ellen DeGeneres just turns the thing into a bizarre interpretive dance.

Let the laughter rain down.

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Scottish Ballet’s New Take On A Streetcar Named Desire

Like a moth to the flame, Blanche DuBois, opens the show as a curious creature drawn to a single light bulb; a stunning piece of imagery for a stunning ballet. ?This vibrant adaptation by Scottish Ballet of the classic Tennessee Williams tale, A Streetcar Named Desire, brings the heat and music of New Orleans straight to The Music Center. The definitive Pulitzer Prize-winning drama is transformed into a powerful and emotional ballet that not only excites, but further enhances the story?s suspenseful take on lust, desire and betrayal that can only be conveyed by the honesty of dance.  In collaboration with director Nancy Meckler and choreographer Annabelle Lopez Ochoa, the production explores the boundaries of narrative ballet through a range of dance styles. Accompanied by a specially commissioned jazz-inspired score by Peter Salem that accentuates the sensuality of the dancers, Scottish Ballet?s  A Streetcar Named Desire is a one-of-a-kind take on an American classic.?

In this beautiful and dynamic production, Scottish Ballet pushes the limits and takes audiences on an emotional and chilling journey through the life of Blanche DuBois. ?Our storytelling, unlike Williams’ play, begins by relating the story of Blanche DuBois while she is growing up in America?s Deep South. The year is 1935, and the lifestyle of the landed gentry is in steep decline. Blanche is a beautiful young girl with her life ahead of her?. Her life drifts in and out of ecstasy and turmoil. Finding out that her husband had been having an affair with another man resulting in him committing suicide and leaving home after the death of most of her family traveling to the sex-crazed; jazz filled streets of New Orleans night life scene. After being run out of town for seducing a young boy, she finds comfort in her only living relative, Stella who has taken up with Stanley Kowalski, an aggressive bad boy we know so well because of Marlon Brando.

The dancers of this company are stellar performers. According to an interview with Neckler Meckler, the dancers also went through some acting training to give voice the characters of Tennessee William?s play without words. It is truly a company of beautiful dancers that are quite focused and passionate about their art and conveying a story. Eve Mutso(Blanche) and Sophie Laplane(Stella) stole the show with pure energy and heart-wrenching performances.

?Scottish Ballet is Scotland?s national dance company. The esteemed company has built its reputation on strong bold work and vast touring. It regularly presents at premier theatres and events such as Sadler?s Wells and Edinburgh International Festival, as well as leading venues and festivals abroad including Europe, Asia and North America. Scottish Ballet continues to build on its heritage as a bold, adventurous company with ambitious creative programmes and touring, working with groundbreaking choreographers such as Ivgi & Greben, Bryan Arias, David Dawson and Crystal Pite.?

Make sure to check out The Music Center website for upcoming performances!

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Black Farmer Calls Out Liberal Racism In Powerful Facebook Message

A black farmer has the internet talking after posting a powerful message on social media about race relations in Charlottesville, Virginia. 

Chris Newman, owner of the Sylvanaqua Farms in Albemarle County, shared his thoughts on a recent ?Love Trumps Hate? counter-protest on Saturday. The rally was held in response to white supremacist Richard Spencer leading a protest against the removal of a statue of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee. 

?I?d like to appreciate [the Love Trumps Hate rally],? Newman wrote in a Facebook post published on May 17. ?But frankly I just don?t.?

Newman went on to call out the subtle racism of his neighbors, who purport to be progressive and inclusive but have yet to acknowledge the fact that Charlottesville is, by his estimation, ?the most aggressively segregated place? he?s ever lived in.

The farmer recounted that he?s been racially profiled and questioned by police several times after receiving ?strange looks from a passerby.?

?It isn?t Richard Spencer calling the cops on me for farming while Black,? Newman wrote. ?It?s nervous White women in yoga pants with ?I?m with her? and ?Coexist? stickers on their German SUVs.?  

The farmer went on to suggest that residents of the town who are interested in racial progress should consider how to effect change in their own everyday lives. 

?People are so busy going after that easy fix, going after that Confederate flag, that they?re not doing the hard thing, which is thinking, how did we get here, and how the hell do we dig out of institutional racism,? Newman wrote. 

As of Wednesday, Newman?s post has received over 5,000 shares and hundreds of comments from people chiming in with their own thoughts on race in Charlottesville.  

In an interview with CBS affiliate Newsplex on Wednesday, Newman said that the racial profiling he receives has gotten so bad that he has stopped doing food deliveries from his farm to wealthier neighborhoods in the area. He told the station that the fact he experiences racism on a day-to-day basis is the main reason he made the Facebook post.

?The thing that bothered me wasn?t so much the protests themselves, but the back-patting after it,? Newman said. ?There?s a difference between confronting racists and confronting racism.? 

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The Pope Just Joked About Donald Trump Eating Lots Of Potica, A Nut-Filled Cake From Slovenia

President Donald Trump met with Pope Francis on Wednesday, and somehow the pope ended up suggesting Trump is filled with nuts.

During some friendly banter, Pope Francis reportedly asked first lady Melania Trump what she feeds the 6?2? president.

?What do you give him to eat, potica?? he said, referring to a dessert from her native Slovenia. (Pronounced po-TEET-za, it was initially reported that he said ?pizza.?)

Melania laughed in response, but if Trump had any idea what potica is, he may not have been too happy about the quip. The pope was essentially saying it looks like Trump eats a lot of cake.

Pope Francis clearly knows his way around the world of pastries, because his joke to the Slovenian-born first lady was about a Slovenian pastry. Potica is a swirled cake that?s made with a yeasted dough and stuffed with numerous fillings, the most common of which is a mixture of nuts, butter, honey and sugar. It?s typically reserved for the most festive occasions, so it?s not your typical pain quotidien of the people.

To summarize, the pope suggested that Trump looks like he?s filled with yeast, milk, butter, eggs and lots of nuts. He may not be too far off.

If you want to make it yourself, we recommend baking legend Joan Nathan?s potica recipe from the New York Times. In the meantime, take some inspiration from the beautiful poticas made by Instagrammers around the world.

Sweet moments#sweetlife#holidaytime#potica#

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#otok #potica #bled #kava :)

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Good to have #slovenian friend #potica #yum #authentic #slovinia #bread #?????

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?? mom's potica. #easterisnotover #potica #wallnutsforever

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Survey Finds 8 In 10 People See Climate Change As ‘Catastrophic Risk’

By Laurie Goering

LONDON, May 24 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – Nearly nine in 10 people say they are ready to make changes to their standard of living if it would prevent future climate catastrophe, a survey on global threats found Wednesday.

The survey of more than 8,000 people in eight countries ? the United States, China, India, Britain, Australia, Brazil, South Africa and Germany ? found that 84 percent of people now consider climate change a ?global catastrophic risk?.

That puts worry about climate change only slightly behind fears about large-scale environmental damage and the threat of politically motivated violence escalating into war, according to the Global Challenges Foundation, which commissioned the Global Catastrophic Risks 2017 report.

But it indicates that many people now see climate change as a bigger threat than other traditional or rising concerns such as epidemics, population growth, use of weapons of mass destruction and the rise of artificial intelligence threats.

On climate and environmental issues, ?there?s certainly a huge gap between what people expect from politicians and what politicians are doing. It?s stunning,? said Mats Andersson, vice chairman of the Stockholm-based foundation, in a telephone interview with the Thomson Reuters Foundation.

The survey, released in advance of this week?s G7 summit of advanced economies in Italy, also found that 85 percent of people think the United Nations needs reforms to be better equipped to address global threats.

About 70 percent of those surveyed said they think it may be time to create a new global organization ? with power to enforce its decisions ? specifically designed to deal with a wide range of global risks. Nearly 60 percent said they would be prepared to have their country give up some level of sovereignty to make that happen.

?Whether it?s the specter of nuclear conflict over North Korea or the planet tipping into catastrophic climate change, the need for effective global cooperation has never been greater,? Andersson said.

The Global Challenges Foundation, created in 2012 by a Swedish risk specialist and philanthropist, looks for more effective solutions to cross-border problems and ways to resolve the mismatch between long-term problems and short-term political and market focuses.



Following the G7 meeting, U.S. President Donald Trump is expected to make a decision about whether to pull the United States out of the 2015 Paris Agreement on climate change, aimed at keeping global temperature increases to relatively safe levels.

But the Global Challenges Foundation found that 84 percent of the Americans it surveyed would be prepared to make changes in their current living standards if it would prevent future climatecatastrophes, such as irreversible melting of Arctic and Greenland ice, with accompanying large-scale sea level rise.

Nearly two in three Americans also agreed with the statement that ?a single individual can negatively impact global cooperation on risks?. Respondents in other parts of the world ? apart from South Africa ? were less likely to agree.

That environmental issues and climate change now rank near the top of global worries about catastrophic threats for many people suggests ?something has shifted in the past couple of years?, Andersson said. ?I really hope that political leaders will realize the mandate they seem to have to act.?

The report looked at a wide range of potential global catastrophes, from use of nuclear weapons to ecological collapse, asteroid impacts and the potential attempts to manipulate the world?s atmosphere and biological systems to deal with runaway climate change, in a process known as geoengineering.

Geoengineering is dangerous, the report noted, because ?its deployment could have dramatic impacts on climate stability?, because one country or individual could unilaterally attempt it, and because ?there are currently no governance frameworks to manage the risks?. (Reporting by Laurie Goering @lauriegoering; editing by Alex Whiting:; Please credit the Thomson Reuters Foundation, the charitable arm of Thomson Reuters, that covers humanitarian news, climate change, resilience, women?s rights, trafficking and property rights. Visit

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Greenpeace Shines Message For Trump On Vatican Before His Visit With The Pope

The dome of St. Peter?s Basilica was cast in a remonstration early Wednesday aimed at President Donald Trump just hours before his visit to the Vatican.

Greenpeace?s Italian and German offices teamed up to project a message in lights on the Vatican to criticize the president?s recent actions ignoring climate change and his expected decision regarding U.S. involvement in the landmark Paris climate agreement. A message reading ?Planet Earth first,? a play on Trump?s ?America first? foreign policy slogan, was shown on the iconic basilica.

?Climate change is the ultimate threat of our generation, and real world leaders are taking action now to safeguard our people,? Jennifer Morgan, Greenpeace International?s executive director, said in a statement. ?Ahead of his meeting with the Pope, we delivered to Trump a message that his first priority must be to people and planet, not the profits of polluters. Trump cannot stop the clean energy transition and should instead focus on accelerating it.?

Trump is expected to meet with Pope Francis inside the Vatican on Wednesday as part of his first foreign trip as president. The pope has long called for international action on climate change, saying the phenomenon is ?a global problem with grave implications? and one of the ?principal challenges facing humanity.? He has urged world leaders to remain in the Paris climate deal, even as Trump has threatened to leave the agreement.

The White House has done little to assuage the fears of environmentalists since Trump took office. In the administration?s first 100 days, officials proposed slashing the Environmental Protection Agency?s budget, scrapped clean air and water regulations and moved to weaken many Obama-era climate regulations.

International leaders and even officials within Trump?s Cabinet have urged the president to remain in the Paris Accord. Even Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, the former chairman of Exxon Mobil, has advised the president to remain in the deal, according to reports from The New York Times.

It?s still unclear what Trump will decide, and meetings have been continually postponed in recent months. However, some have remained optimistic that the president will remain in the pact as the rest of the world moves forward on the issue.

?If Trump decides to abandon the Paris deal, he will not only harm the planet but also his own country,? Andree Boehling, an energy expert at Greenpeace Germany, said in a statement. ?It would be ecologically and economically foolish to try and slow down the clean energy transition. People across the world are demanding action and it?s time to deliver.?

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Boy Comes Home From School And Finds Dad Has Been Deported

Joel Massie came home from school last week only to realize something was different. His father was no longer around.

Arino Massie, of Metuchen, New Jersey, was deported back to his native country of Indonesia, a place he fled 16 years ago because of religious persecution.

Now Joel is going to grow up without a father in the U.S., where he was born. He still finds it hard to accept this.

?He?s been with me for 13 years, because I was born with him, of course. And for those 13 years, he?s been kind, happy and loving,? Joel told WPIX TV. ?It?s been sad, stressing. We?ve been fighting for the past week and a half to stay.?

Arino Massie is a Chinese Christian who lived in Indonesia, but missed a deadline to apply for amnesty shortly after his arrival in the U.S.

After he overstayed his tourist visa, Massie was ordered to leave the country in 2006. However, the Reformed Church of Highland Park struck a deal with Immigration and Customs Enforcement to allow him three other Indonesian-born Christians stays of removal if they checked in with ICE every year. 

But this year ICE took the men into custody, and on May 18 an immigration judge ordered that Massie and the others be deported, according to 

A spokesperson for ICE released this statement:

Arino Massie, who was a visa overstay, was ordered removed on July 17, 2006 by an immigration judge with the Department of Justice?s Executive Office of Immigration Review. After exhausting all legal remedies, on May 18, 2017, ICE Enforcement and Removal Officers removed Arino Massie to Indonesia.

Frederick Rattu, a friend of Massie?s who came to the U.S. from Indonesia in 1994 with a tourist visa and became a legal resident a few years later, worries about what might happen to Massie when he to Indonesia.

?Can you imagine someone applying for asylum and then going back to Indonesia? How are they going to treat him,? Rattu told USA Today.

The newspaper notes that Massie is one of 41,000 suspected undocumented immigrants who were arrested during President Donald Trump?s first 100 days. That?s a 40 percent increase from the same period last year.

The Trump administration has broadened the scope of those subject to deportation to include people such as Massie, who don?t have criminal records.

That?s a misuse of resources, according to Rev. Seth Kaper-Dale, of the Reformed Church of Highland Park.

?There?s no reason to send him away right now; he?s absolutely not a criminal. These are family people who happen to have final deportation orders,? Kaper-Dale told the Associated Press. ?Our folks got caught up in that new dragnet.?

An immigration attorney is arguing to legal authorities that Massie needs to come back to America to be with his son, Joel.

He may have a harder time explaining what?s happening to Joel.

?What I don?t understand is why he?s being deported,? Joel told ?He?s been cooperative. He hasn?t done anything against the law. He has a clear record.? 

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