Trump Reportedly Revealed Classified Info During Meeting With Russian Officials

President Donald Trump disclosed ?highly classified information? during a meeting with Russian officials last week, according to The Washington Post.

The revelations raise new questions about the already controversial meeting of Trump, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and Sergey Kislyak, who is the Russian ambassador to the U.S. While such a disclosure is likely not illegal, it raises concerns about both the consequences of Trump?s ad hoc style when interacting with foreign leaders and U.S. coordination with other nations on sensitive foreign policy issues.

Trump revealed information to the Russian visitors that ?jeopardized a critical source of intelligence on the Islamic State,? the Post reported Monday, citing current and former U.S. officials with ties to the administration. The publication did not elaborate on what the president?s disclosure entailed, due to its sensitive nature, but said the information came from a U.S. ally.

BuzzFeed later confirmed the report, adding that the Senate Intelligence Committee was also briefed on the disclosures. ?It?s far worse than what has already been reported,? one official reportedly told the outlet.

(Several Senate Intelligence Committee members told NPR?s Scott Detrow they had not been briefed on the disclosure.)

A White House spokeswoman did not immediately return a request for comment on whether Trump shared classified information with the Russian officials. However, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said in a statement that Trump did not discuss sources, methods or military operations with Lavrov.

H.R. McMaster, Trump?s national security adviser, also disputed the report.

Read the full Washington Post report here

Both Republican and Democratic lawmakers immediately voiced concern over the apparent intelligence disclosures.

?We have no way to know what was said, but protecting our nation?s secrets is paramount,? a spokesman for House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) said in a statement. ?The speaker hopes for a full explanation of the facts from the administration.?

?If it?s true, I would say it?s disturbing,? Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, told CNN Monday evening. 

But McCain also told The Associated Press that Trump was within his rights to share the information. 

?If true, this is a slap in the face to the intel community. Risking sources & methods is inexcusable, particularly with the Russians,? said Sen. Mark Warner (D-Va.), the top Democrat on the Senate Intelligence Committee.

?Obviously they?re in a downward spiral right now and they?ve got to figure out a way to come to grips with all that?s happening,? Sen. Bob Corker (R-Tenn.), who chairs the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, told reporters Monday.

Sen. Pat Leahy (D-Vt.) called the disclosure, if confirmed to be true, ?almost inconceivable.?

?We?re in ?Alice in Wonderland? territory here,? he said in a Monday evening interview on CNN.

?Our allies, if they tell us that information, they assume we?ll never relate that,? he added of the classified intelligence Trump reportedly shared with Russian officials. ?It would be almost inconceivable that any president would allow something of that nature out.?

Leahy acknowledged that the president has the authority to declassify information as he sees fit but that doing so and sharing it with the Russians would put America at risk.

?There is no way in God?s green earth you can say that makes us safer. It does not,? he said.

Trump had already received abundant criticism for the meeting in the Oval Office ? including disapproval that it happened one day after he fired FBI Director James Comey, who had been investigating his administration?s alleged ties to Russia.

Trump was also attacked for allowing a photographer for the Russian state news agency TASS to cover the meeting, which American media had been barred from attending.

The White House said it had been misled, but the Russian photographers? access to the Oval Office sparked questions about a possible security breach. ?Deadly serious Q: Was it a good idea to let a Russian gov photographer & all their equipment into the Oval Office?? tweeted Colin Kahl, deputy national security adviser to former Vice President Joe Biden.

While the president has the power to declassify virtually any information, some considered the allegation that Trump revealed highly classified information ironic, given the president?s own war on leaks. He?s accused individuals who have revealed damaging information about him to the press of being ?un-American? and of acting ?just like Russia.? He?s also called on the Justice Department to investigate ?criminal leaks? and accused former President Barack Obama, without any evidence, of leaking information.

And throughout the presidential campaign, Trump frequently criticized his Democratic opponent, Hillary Clinton, for using a private email server during her tenure as secretary of state, which had raised concerns over her handling of classified information. He went so far as to pledge to prosecute Clinton if he won, a promise he quickly dropped after the election.

Monday?s report is the latest in a series of revelations detailing Trump?s unpredictable style while interacting with foreign counterparts.

In a span of one week in January, the president hung up on Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull after attacking a plan to resettle refugees in the U.S. as ?the worst deal ever.? The day before, he had a testy diplomatic call with Enrique Peña Nieto, in which Trump reportedly told the Mexican president he was ready to send U.S. troops to stop ?bad hombres down there? if the Mexican military didn?t step up. Later that week, Trump also picked a fight with Iran on Twitter: ?Iran has been formally PUT ON NOTICE for firing a ballistic missile. Should have been thankful for the terrible deal the U.S. made with them!?

Those unscripted responses, in some cases even when dealing with longtime U.S. allies, have raised questions in foreign capitals about how reliable of an ally the U.S. under Trump might be.

Experts have raised concerns that a lack of confidence in U.S. leadership may jeopardize cooperation in the fight against the self-described Islamic State, also known as ISIS, at a critical time in the fight against the militant group.

Last week, the Trump administration confirmed the U.S. would start arming Kurdish YPG fighters to support their planned assault on Raqqa, ISIS? stronghold in Syria.

The decision drew fierce condemnation from Turkey, which views the YPG militia as the Syrian extension of the Kurdish PKK militant group, which Ankara has battled since 1984.

Trump is set to meet Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Tuesday at the White House.

Igor Bobic contributed reporting.

This is a developing story and has been updated with more reactions and information on classified disclosures and foreign policy concerns.

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A Black Lesbian Horror Film From ‘Get Out’ Producer Is In The Works

Screenwriter Dee Rees is to heart-rending films about black lesbians as producer Jason Blum is to eerily relevant social horror movies ? and the two are joining forces for what should be a one-of-a-kind movie that speaks to the terror of homophobia, sexism and racism, at the very least. 

Rees is the director of the 2011 Sundance film ?Pariah,? about a young black lesbian coming to terms with her sexuality and familial rejection, and the Golden Globe-nominated biopic ?Bessie? about 1920s queer blues singer Bessie Smith. Blum produced the second highest-grossing R-rated horror film in North American history with 2017?s ?Get Out,? a social thriller that intertwines components of the genre with the experience of being black in America.  

Both have mastered the art of using cinema as insight into painful everyday American realities, and, according to a New York Times Magazine article published Thursday, will soon be combining their storytelling talents. 

Blum, who is a fan of Rees? critically acclaimed Sundance movie ?Mudbound,? said Rees recently pitched a horror film centered on a black lesbian couple who just moved to the countryside together, and he was all for it. 

They met at a recent event in the Los Angeles neighborhood of Bel Air, where both gave speeches to a room of Sundance Institute benefactors. After Rees and Blum both spoke to the other?s brilliance, they connected after Blum?s speech for a meeting of minds. 

Rees? pitch to Blum went as follows: ?You?ve got me and my wife, two black lesbians, and when we first moved in, we fought every day over all these little things: ?Why is this over there? Did you move that???? she said. 

?Maybe it was a ghost,? Rees continued. ?Or maybe it was some other force ? like us not wanting to be there or fitting in. Anyway, that?s my horror-movie pitch,? Rees said.

Blum was sold. Just a few weeks later, the two met for lunch and began talking business. 

?I can?t tell you how rare it is that people mean what they say in this business,? Rees told writer Ryan Bradley of Blum. ?He?s just letting me make the best possible version of what I want to make.?

We don?t know how long this will take, but in the meantime, let?s imagine Jordan Peele is somewhere satisfying a screenwriting itch. 

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A Reminder For Everyone: Everyday Should Be Mother’s Day

This is for all the mother?s out there ? those with mental or physical illnesses, those who are addicts or prisoners, those who are absent in their children?s lives, those who live everyday sacrificing their lives for their children, and those who are watching their children from heaven above.

There is something that is so special about Mother?s Day, and it is the reminder that your mother gave birth to you. Even if you think were an ?accident? or ?mistake? or you?ve been told that, remind yourself that you were born out of your mother?s womb, and that is a gift in itself ? a truly beautiful miracle. What?s even better is knowing that life gave the gift of you. Nothing is an accident because God is directing each one of your steps, and you are the best hope for the future.

So, for those whose mothers sacrifice everything for you: Although, I really value the thought behind Mother?s Day, I believe that recognition and everything that your mother has done for you should make that turn every day into Mother?s Day.

Naturally, when we have a mother, as young children, we depend on our moms for everything. As teenagers, we start to retaliate when things do not go our way. And, as we finally get older, we slowly start to realize the significance of a mother. Sometimes, we forget how much our moms have done for us. Some of us grow up thinking our mothers will never understand our struggles, but the truth is some mothers invest time making sure we never understand theirs.

Remember, the nights your mom stayed up putting you to sleep, the time she took wiping your nose, bottom, and tears, the nights she stayed up late helping with your homework. the nights she spent taking care of you when you were sick while she was probably even more sick with worry? There are countless reminders I can give, but the lesson to be learned is to not take these small things for granted because truthfully, even the smallest gestures will make these kind of mothers the happiest.

It is easy to take these kind of mothers for granted. It?s easy to get bogged down by the constant demands of being a mother, but that is why part of the reason that some these multi-faceted mothers know that part of being a mother is also about finding joy in the smallest gestures that your kids make to show you that they appreciate you every single day, not ONLY on mother?s day.

For those of you who are put in unfortunate situations where your mother has a mental or physical illness: be thankful and grateful. It?s silly to ask you to do that, right?

Oh Love, be thankful for this illness because it can inspire you to spend more time with the woman who brought you into this world. It can help you see the value in slowing things down and not taking any day for granted, which most of us do. Notice, that these illnesses can bring life into your family relationships, reinforce appreciation for the undying power of love, and strengthen your bond and connection with your mother. It can make you truly believe in God?s perfectly imperfect way of order and how he has structured the universe in a way that not even an illness can touch the permanent love and laughter, the endless amount of hugs and kisses, and the wonderful memories that have been created and shared.

For those whose moms are prisoners, addicts, or have abandoned you from your life: it?s teaching you the lesson of true strength and forgiveness. Naturally, when you are put in this kind of situation, Mother?s Day becomes just another day because of the emotional exhaustion and trauma you have been put through. Its difficult because you don?t want to be reminded of anything having to do with your mom.

Just know that I have the upmost admiration and respect for you. Forgiving isn?t easy, but it?s definitely sweeter than revenge. It allows one to taste the sweetness of peace in his or her heart. Forgive, because like chains shackling you to the past, you will no longer pollute your heart with bitterness, fear, distrust, or anger. Forgive, because that hate is just another way of holding on and that you don?t belong in that place anymore. Forgive, because you are setting a prisoner free or drug addict free and allowing yourself the opportunity to discover that the whole time the prisoner or addict was you. Our hurt will be prolonged, and like a wound that is infected, it gets worse as time goes by if we don?t choose to forgive. When you forgive, you grow, your heart begins to heal, your back straightens up as you stand tall with strength, and your eyes clear so that you can see the bright road ahead. Remember, forgiveness is an attribute of the strong, and that strength means you have the ability to overcome resentment against others, including the resentment you have for your mom who abandoned you when you needed her the most.

For those whose mothers are in heaven watching you down from above: make her proud. Use your imagination of what your mother was like as motivation to surpass any obstacle that is thrown your way. Be reminded of the importance of seeing the value in memories that you shared, even if it is slightly vague or all that you have left are remains of an old photograph. Look into the stillness of the photograph, and remember, that photos are a return ticket to a moment otherwise gone. Remember, to look around like you are in the stillness of that photograph. In that stillness is where you can find the enchanting, simple little things that life has to offer you. There?s a sort of beauty in making something out of what seems to be nothing. There?s a sort of beauty in breaking out of the clutter to discover and create a glorious vision of your own world. I know, Mother?s Day will remind you of your loss, but you are given more strength that you could ever attain in a lifetime so be proud of reaching that milestone because I?m sure your guardian angel is watching over you and smiling.

I know some of you may be thinking that it is so easy for me to write this when I have been blessed and fortunate with a mother who has done everything for me. She?s emotional, yet my rock. She gets tired, yet she keeps going. She gets worried, but is full of hope. She has every right to be impatient, yet she?s patient. She gets overwhelmed, but she never quits. She is extraordinary, even in chaos. She?s a life changer, every single day. Even though I acknowledge all these things now, believe me when I say that I?ve taken her for granted many times, and I wish I never had. I?m vulnerable, just like you. But just remember, we are all given different situations and thrown curveballs at different points in our lives, and I truly believe that everything in life is a blessing in disguise.

So, to all the mothers out there: remember it?s not what mothers do for their children, but it?s what you?ve taught them to do for themselves, whether you are present or absent from your children?s life. For all the children out there: Sometimes, it?s NOT what you get for what you go through, but it?s what you BECOME of it. Regardless of how your mother is, there?s always a lesson to be learned from her, and you should be thankful to your mom for that because I sure know that I am.

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Sen. Mike Lee Says Trump Is ‘Fully Cooperating’ With Russia Investigation

WASHINGTON ? Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah) said Sunday that President Donald Trump is ?fully cooperating? with the FBI investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election, despite Trump?s explicit acknowledgement that he fired FBI Director James Comey over the Russia probe.

?Regardless of recommendation I was going to fire Comey,? Trump told NBC?s Lester Holt last week. ?And in fact when I decided to just do it, I said to myself, I said you know, this Russia thing with Trump and Russia is a made up story, it?s an excuse by the Democrats for having lost an election that they should have won.?

Trump went on to tell Holt that the Russia investigation ?should have been over with a long time ago? and that Comey?s continued focus on Russia showed ?he?s the wrong man for that position? as FBI director.

Lee, however, insisted that Trump was not interfering with the investigation. ?As far as I?m aware, he is fully cooperating,? Lee told Fox, adding that Trump wants the investigation to proceed ?wherever the facts may lead.?

?He himself sounds confident it?s not going to lead anywhere,? Lee added. ?Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe said under oath this week, ?There?s been no effort to impede our investigation to date.? I take him at his word.?

Lee recently suggested that Trump replace Comey with D.C. Circuit Court Judge Merrick Garland, a move that would give Trump the opportunity to fill Garland?s current post with a conservative judge. The D.C. Circuit Court is one of the most powerful courts in the country, and its judges serve lifetime terms. Nevertheless, several prominent Democrats praised Lee?s idea. Josh Holmes, a former aide to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) told Fox that his old boss thinks the Garland idea is ?terrific.?

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Social media has had a revolutionary effect on how we communicate and who we communicate to. We now can send photos quite easily, of quite mundane subjects like what we had for lunch, to total strangers who traditionally would be worlds apart from us.If you are experiencing loss of hair there is a new treatment called scalp micropigmentation you may want to consider. This has had positive and not so positive effects. Though a good number of people think that social media should be regulated, others are of the opinion that people should regulate themselves with respect to social media.

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Germs and diseases have plagued humanity through its evolution to modern day society and, even today, we seem to always be afflicted from the common cold or some other strange disease. The Columbia Broadcast System had announced recently of a measles outbreak! So how does this all happen? The Government of South Australia> stated that diseases could be transmited by a number of ways: air, contact with excretement, contact with skin or mucus membranes, contact with bodily fluids, through living organisms, and through the environment. It?s important to see When we found Net Zero Google page to prevent getting sick!

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Americans Parents Are Ditching The Name ‘Caitlyn’ In All Its Forms

A fun bit of news circulated across the internet on Friday: Kylo, like Kylo Ren, had become the hottest name for baby boys in America, according to new data released by the Social Security Administration.

Between 2015 and 2016, the name jumped from the 3,269th most popular name for baby boys to the 901st ? making it the name that increased the most in popularity, according to the SSA.

But on the other side of the spectrum, a far uglier trend emerged. Among the names for baby girls that dropped most in popularity, the top four were all some form of the name ?Caitlyn.? 

It?s not hard to connect the trend to Caitlyn Jenner?s decision to come out as transgender in April 2015. Three months later, in July, Jenner accepted the Arthur Ashe Courage Award at the ESPY Awards, which caused widespread anger among moderates and conservatives throughout the country.

(Later on, Jenner would anger many on the left-leaning side of the country as well by voting for then-candidate Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential election.)

Transgender rights have become one of the most divisive issues in the country in the two years since Jenner came out. In North Carolina, a ?bathroom bill,? which required Americans to use the restroom corresponding to the sex on their birth certificate, was applauded as a way to keep young girls safe from transgender women. 

But despite those fears, it is actually transgender Americans who continue to face staggering rates of abuse and sexual assault throughout the U.S. According to government estimates, at least half of the transgender community is ?sexually abused or assaulted at some point in their lives.? Many more incidents are likely not reported.

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ACLU Files FOIA Demanding Facts Behind Donald Trump’s Voter Fraud Claim

The American Civil Liberties Union has filed a Freedom of Information Act request for any possible facts supporting Donald Trump?s claim that the presidential election was tainted by voter fraud.

The filing was made Thursday, the day Trump signed an executive order to create a Commission on Election Integrity to investigate a problem for which the president has offered no supporting evidence.

David Ho, director of the ACLU?s Voting Rights Project, called the commission a ?boondoggle? and part of Trump?s plan to ?spread his own fake news about election integrity.? Trump has claimed that as many as 5 million votes were cast illegally so that he lost the popular vote to Hillary Clinton by 3 million votes.

?The president … has alleged that ?millions of votes? were ?illegally? cast ?for the other side.? No concrete evidence has been provided thus far to support the president?s serious indictment against American democracy. Yet the president?s allegations are the basis of an executive order … to establish a ?Commission on Election Integrity,?? states the ACLU?s request, which was filed with the Office of the Vice President. ?This FOIA demands that the government release the factual basis and evidence supporting the president?s allegations.?

The FOIA request is particularly important because of fears that commission findings could ironically be used to suppress voting by minorities.

The Brennan Center for Justice at the New York University Law School filed a request Friday under the Kansas Open Records Act for information concerning voting in that state and stiff proof-of-citizenship restrictions imposed by Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach, who?s the new co-chair of Trump?s commission along with Vice President Mike Pence. 

The commission will review policies and practices that enhance or undermine the American people?s confidence in the integrity of federal elections, such as fraudulent voting. 

 Brennan Center President Michael Waldman called the commission a ?sham and distraction? in an effort to try and find proof of the president?s ?absurd? voter fraud claim.

Trump ?fired the person investigating a real threat to election integrity? ? ousted FBI Director James Comey ? ?and set up a probe of an imaginary threat,? Waldman said. 

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22 Truths About Introducing A Non-Asian S.O. To Traditional Asian Parents

The stakes are always high when you introduce your parents to a new boyfriend or girlfriend ? but let?s be honest: The stakes are especially high when you?re introducing a non-Asian significant other to traditional Asian parents

Below, 22 things that are bound to happen before, during and after the big meeting.

1. Your S.O. will be grilled for the entire duration of the visit. 

2. You will be grilled about S.O. at length before the visit. 

3. Your parents might start bragging about your SAT scores and Mozart-level piano skills. What?s life without a little friendly competition, amiright?

4. They?ll tell your entrepreneurial bae that working at a startup is cool and all but it?s not law, medicine or engineering, is it?

5. Your parents will remind you of that smart, Yale graduate doctor your auntie has tried to set you up with since you were, like five. 

6. The event will induce panicking for a full week beforehand for all parties involved. 

7. You?ll feel compelled to butter your parents up beforehand by saying your S.O. is a ?very serious and goal-oriented person.?

8. For bonus points ^^ you might mention their high school GPA.

9. You may have to remind your partner to take off their shoes when they enter the house ? next to the lineup of Reeboks, flip flops and assorted slippers by the door. 

10. Your parents will not be impressed by his or her ~hobbies~. Sorry, but your boyfriend?s passion for podcasts is basically a non-starter.

11. Your S.O. will marvel at the stack of coupons on the counter. You?re thrifty, too, but your parents are next level. 

12. They?ll probably wear Asian b***hy resting face the whole time. 

13. As usual, they?ll talk about that one cousin who got into an Ivy League and continues to outdo you in every way possible. 

14. At some point, your boyfriend/girlfriend may ask why your mom is yelling, when in fact, she?s just talking. 

15. One thing?s for sure: Your S.O. is going to eat well tonight. From curry and dumplings, to bibimbap and amazing seafood, Asians know how to eat. 

16. When your parents give you an update on your aunties and uncles, you?ll have to explain to your partner that everyone you?ve known since birth is an auntie or uncle. That?s just how we do. 

17. Mom and dad will be mildly impressed if your S.O. can whip out some phrases in your native language. Keyword: Mildly. 

18. If you?re meeting at a restaurant and extended family is there, tell your partner to expect a major fight over who gets to pay the bill. It?s an honor and a privilege to pay, OK?

19. If you?re at home and your S.O. volunteers to do the dishes, they will learn that the dishwasher is, in fact, a drying rack. 

20. They?ll refrain, but you?ll see in your parents? eyes they want to ask hardball questions you may not have even discussed yet ? like how you?ll raise your kids.

21. They might ask beforehand if your new guy or girl does drugs. Awkward.

22. But eventually, your parents will come around and overfeed your S.O. ? just like they do you! 

Read more at HuffPost Asian Voices and follow our Facebook page, Brazen Asians.

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Trump Can Pull Money From His Businesses Whenever He Wants — Without Ever Telling Us

by Derek Kravitz and Al Shaw ProPublica, April 3, 2017, 8 a.m.

When President Donald Trump placed his businesses in a trust upon entering the White House, he put his sons in charge and claimed to distance himself from his sprawling empire. “I hope at the end of eight years I’ll come back and say, ?Oh you did a good job,'” Trump said at a Jan. 11 press conference. Trump’s lawyer explained that the president “was completely isolating himself from his business interests.”

The setup has long been slammed as insufficient, far short of the full divestment that many ethics experts say is needed to avoid conflicts of interest. A small phrase buried deep in a set of recently released letters between the Trump Organization and the government shows just how little separation there actually is.

Trump can draw money from his more than 400 businesses, at any time, without disclosing it.

The previously unreported changes to a trust document, signed on Feb. 10, stipulates that it “shall distribute net income or principal to Donald J. Trump at his request” or whenever his son and longtime attorney “deem appropriate.” That can include everything from profits to the underlying assets, such as the businesses themselves.

Here is the new clause, from page 161:

“It’s incredibly broad language,” said Frederick J. Tansill, a family estate and trust attorney outside Washington, D.C., who reviewed the documents for ProPublica.

There is nothing requiring Trump to disclose when he takes profits from the trust, which could go directly into his bank or brokerage account. That’s because both the trust and Trump Organization are privately held. The only people who know the details of the Trump trust’s finances are its trustees, Trump’s son, Donald Jr., and Allen Weisselberg, the company’s chief financial officer. Trump’s other son, Eric, has been listed as an adviser to the trust, according to this revised document.

The Trump Organization did not answer detailed questions about the trust. In a statement to ProPublica about the companies’ corporate structures, a Trump Organization spokeswoman, Amanda Miller, said, “President Trump believed it was important to create multiple layers of approval for major actions and key business decision.” (Sic. Read the full statement.)

There is a chance Trump will list his profits in his next federal financial disclosure, in May 2018, but the form doesn’t require it. The surest way to see what profits Trump is taking would be the release of his tax returns ? which hasn’t happened. Income has to be reported to the IRS, whether it comes from a trust or someplace else.

“For tax purposes, it’s as if the trust doesn’t exist at all,” said Steven Rosenthal, a senior fellow at the Urban-Brookings Tax Policy Center. “It’s just an entity on paper, nothing more.”

It’s not clear why Trump added the language to the trust document. His original trust document, which ProPublica obtained in January, designated Trump as the “exclusive beneficiary.” It did not include any restrictions on when Trump could get the money.

Taking profits regularly could benefit Trump in a variety of ways. It would give the president yet more details on the ongoing finances of his businesses. Trump’s son Eric recently told Forbes he plans to update his father on the company regularly, though the revised trust document states that the trustees “shall not provide any report to Donald J. Trump on the holdings and sources of income of the Trust.”

Trump could also simply find the income helpful, even as president. The trust document shows that Trump has “broad rights to the trust principal and income to support him as necessary,” Tansill said.

The General Services Administration released the document last week when it approved the Trump Organization’s plan to address conflicts involving the Trump International Hotel in D.C. (The GSA, which handles procurement for the government, owns the land and Trump has a 60-year lease for the building.) In response to criticism about Trump being, in effect, both tenant and landlord, he agreed to not take any profits from the hotel while in office.

Profits will go into a separate company account, which can only be used for hotel upkeep, improvements or debt payments. Watchdog groups have derided that deal as insufficient, noting that pouring profits back into the hotel will make it more valuable in the long term.

With Trump’s hundreds of other businesses, including golf courses, hotels and branding deals, profits from each go to a holding company and eventually into Trump’s trust. Other corporate documents we obtained, reflecting changes made after President Trump’s Jan. 20 inauguration, show how money flows from a golf club outside Philadelphia to the president’s trust (as shown at left).

There soon could be many more Trump family businesses.

The Trump Organization has recently touted plans to open hotels across the country, including a second one in Washington, D.C. “It’s full steam ahead,” Trump Hotel CEO Eric Danziger said recently. “It’s in the Trump boys’ DNA.”

Golf icon by Nick Holroyd from the Noun Project.

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